Welcome to Witchland

Witchland – a new and exciting theatrical experience – is not your normal theatrical play-going night out – instead, it combines elements of traditional theatrical storytelling with immersive haunted elements – think of it like going to a Haunted House, for young adults/adults – based on a real place. It’s moving, funny…and will scare the bejeezus out of you.

The story of Witchland is based on the author’s experiences growing up in Richland, a small town in

Eastern Washington – deemed “the most toxic place in the Western Hemisphere”. It tells the story of a family who moves to a town plagued by decades of misfortune. Is the terror they are shrouded in due to the nuclear reactor that the town revolves around – or is it something more sinister? And what about that mysterious elderly woman who lives across the street, alone in her run-down government home, piles of sticks and all – is she actually a witch, or just another victim of … WITCHLAND?