Our Team



Witchland is Tim’s play, based on his own experiences growing up in the real Witchland.  Tim also wrote a follow up play, Snitchland, both of which are being now converted to graphic novels, and the best-selling Perfect 10 cookbooks. An avid fan of theater/movies/books/TV, pretty much all things pop culture – especially in the horror genre, Tim and his partner Sean live in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.


Original Score
Steisha’s passion for the horror genre and the music that brings it to life jumpstarted the creation of the original Witchland score. Theatre-goers will experience unique effects, throwback rhythms, and haunting melodies aimed to get stuck in your head and to transport you straight to Witchland.


Original Score
Brandon demonstrates his limitless creativity through the generation and production of original music, videos, paintings, and websites. He plays countless instruments including his vocal chords, which lends to the leading and successful management of his band, a local treasure in Brandon’s resident town of San Diego.