What is Witchland?

During COVID, I decided to use my quarantining time in a productive manner, and cross something off my bucket list – writing a play. I’ve had this idea in my head for quite awhile now, about creating a scary and exciting theatrical experience, based on my own real-life experiences in my hometown of Richland, Washington. So I spent many months working my day job remotely, and then diving into the logistics of play writing in the evening – and thus Witchland was born! Witchland is a scary play, hopefully also tinged with humor throughout, about one family’s experience in moving to the town of Richland, which of course involves working at the Hanford Nuclear site. While waiting for their home to be finished, they are temporarily housed in a home directly across the street from a … witch? As strange, disturbing and haunting events seem to start piling on this family, the question is posed – why are these things happening? Is it due to a recent accident at the Hanford nuclear site, or is it due to interactions with the strange “witchy” woman who lives across the street?

Witchland had its inaugural full 4-week production in late 2021, in San Diego, with the brilliant minds and creative geniuses of the Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company. The play thankfully was a huge hit, both critically and commercially. In 2024, runs are scheduled in February 2024 with the Revolution Stage Company in Palm Springs, and an Off-Broadway run in the Spring of 2024 with the Manhattan Repertory Company. Tickets can be purchased in the “Get Tickets” tab on this website. There are future incantations in the works, and hopefully Witchland will make it to a city near you in the very near future. And if it does, watch out…and I apologize in advance for the scares that await you, and the screams you will hear around you in the theatre.

In addition to the Witchland play, there are now further developments to the “Witchland World” – including Witchland: The Graphic Novel, and two new immersive plays, “Snitchland” and “Bitchland,” which can be staged individually, or in repertory. 

I’m excited to share this world with all of you. Watch this blog site for news about Witchland, and future productions and developments.

– Tim Mulligan, Author/Playwright

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